The Lord spoke in John 6:63 "The spirit gives life; The flesh profits nothing; The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life."

As much as we pray in faith and yearn fervently, if we do not stack the word of God in our spirit, we cannot let the Holy Spirit work within us without limit, and our spirit would lose vitality. It is because the Holy Spirit works through the word and within the edge of it.

Then, how should we eat the Word of God?

First, we must consume the living food.
The food that contains a lot of condiment and MSG is tasty, but it can cause damage to the body. Our spirit is strengthened more when we read the original scripture, the Word of God that was written by God directly rather than reading the commentaries or interpretaions written by people.

Secondly, we must consume sufficiently.
The fact that 70% of believers do not read the Bible even once a week shows that Christianity is sinking by faith without Word of God. A healthy adult can use energy by eating enough food. There is a Chinese phrase, 讀書百遍 義自見, which means that one can understand the meaning if he/she reads it 100 times no matter how difficult the book is. A fighter cannot eat little. We will be more than conquerors if we diligently read the word and eat it vigorously.

Thirdly, we must consume evenly.
We should not have an unbalanced diet. We cannot just eat the food that we like. Likewise, we must consume all the words that comes out of the mouth of God, not just a part of it. We must read the whole Bible every year from Genesis to Revelation without missing a page.

Fourthly, we should chew on our own
Milk and porridge is a meal for the baby. But a grown up man has to chew hard food and ingest it alone. If one depends on the preaching and explanation of another person, he/she cannot leave the faith as a child. Preaching works as vitamins; it cannot be the main meal. If a sheep does not eat grass every day and eats only analeptic, it will become a big deformed sheep. Likewise, we must absorb the living nourishment given to us for today, instead of the word that touched others.

Only the Word of God that is spirit and life can give us revival.

We can call the time without Bible as "Pre Bible era." And the time that the Bible was forming from Moses to the apostle John as the "Bible Formation Era," and the "Underground Bible Era" is the time when the Bible is already completed but no one had access to it. And in the "Bible Distribution Era" the Bible was distributed. We lived thorugh large and small revivals since the "Bible Distribution Era," but distribution is not enough. We have the Bible in our hands, but we do not read it. In the twenty-first century, we must now open the "Bible Reading Era."

To accomplish this, OneBody made BibleTime and this tool is opening the "Bible Reading Era" on different continents. The current Bible we have is suitable for service, which is in a form that is difficult to read it every day since it did not go through any form of innovation for 500 years after Gutenberg. It is very difficult for the children to read; even the adults have difficulty reading the Bible. In addition, devotional books contain many emotional explanations and testimonies and this prevents us from meditating on the original text of the Bible and ingesting it directly.

Bible study, devotional, and discipleship training can be combined with BibleTime. One can read the entire Bible in different ways by reading one or two pages daily. In addition, it is structured in a way for a reader to focus on the original text of the Bible instead of explanation. Moreover, it is structured in a creative way so that a reader can digest the living word sufficiently equally, and directly. First of all, it is designed in a refreshing way so that the whole family can read the same passage daily together and disciple the children. The church can minister the Word effectively with only $1 a book.

Sustainable Revival

Scripture Only!

There is no substitute for reading the Scripture. We must be totally committed to reading it because that's where it all begins. My suggestion is that you try to read through the Bible once a year. - Dr.John MacArthur

Ask one hundred church members if they have read the Bible today, and 84% will say no. Ask them if they have read the Bible at least once in the past week, and 68% will say no.

Our biblical illiteracy and ignorance weaken each one of us, hurt our churches, make our testimonies powerless, and, thus, get in the way of advancement of the gospel in the world.

The women's Bible, men's Bible, student Bible, even software Bible or on-line Bible have not increased the numbers of people reading the Bible. - The Barna Group

The 35% of born-again Christians do not read the Bible at all. Among those who say they read the Bible, the vast majority only read it during the one hour they attend church each Sunday morning. - Assist News Service

Such statistics make it more than obvious why many Christians are easy prey for spiritual deception. The level of biblical illiteracy among Christians may be the reason why many believers hesitate to stand for Godly values on the public scene. (Assist News Service / Agape Press, 25/26 December)

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