The Jewish people who represent only 0.3% of the world's population have produced more than 30% of Nobel Prize winners. Moreover, they are influential in politics, society, and economy around the world. Where does this driving force come from?

The Jewish children recite the Torah for three hours a day when they turn four. At the age of 13, the ones who have memorized Torah participate in the Mitzvah ceremony. We become wise when we read and recite the Word. The Word itself becomes our flesh and blood.

Introduction of BibleTime

The rate of youth evangelism in Korea is 3%. In addition, the statistic that 90% of them leave the church upon entering university shows that the success of Sunday school does not depend on the number of students but should be measured by how many of them remain in faith even after becoming an adult.

The Sunday school will fail in the end, if they try to attract and keep the children with just entertainment. Have the children read the Bible. This is our duty and responsiblility. Let the Bible work. But the Word of God does not bound. It does not fall on the ground. Without a doubt, God will pursue the children until the end of their lives and helpt them work, sprout, and bear fruit.

Joseph was 17 years old.

Joseph was sold to Egypt at the age of 17 years by his brothers. The amazing thing is that he was exposed to a corrupted environment by being a slave at the age of 17 and being imprisoned, but he did not fail to walk with God. This is the core of life. Even at the age when most men burn with lust, he was not seduced by Potiphar's wife and did not complain in jail. In the end, he was used by the Lord and rescued Egypt and Israel from great famine.

God sent Joseph to Egypt at the age of 17 because he was already prepared. Joseph learned about who God is by looking at the life of his father Jacob. In addition, he became acquainted with God through the tales of Jacob. In another word, he learned to live by faith by listening to the tales of his grandfather Isaac and great-grandfather Abraham. He learned that the world does not just revolve but God is the one in control.

The reason why he was able to stand firm against Pharaoh was because of his habit of having intimacy with the Creator.

Our children should also be finished in adolescence.

David was also anointed in his teens, Daniel was determined in faith in his youth, and our Lord Jesus was already talking about the Bible with the teachers at the age of 12. The children who read the Bible are wise. The children who read the Bible fear God. The children who read the Bible receive special care from God. We must contend for victory with the Bible before their teenage years end.

This is not for them to be a president or prime minister. Whatever the occupation is, if they are loved by others and God, and lead people to the right path, then they have succeeded. True prosperity is being satisfied in faith and enjoying the joy of helping the people around you. The most important prayer request is for your child is to know God deeply and receive the grace to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

One Verse

BibleTime helps Bible reading to become a habit, helps us hold onto the God-given Word, and helps us to meditate and recite the Word. It never interprets the Bible for someone else. The cramming method of teaching has penetrated Christianity as well and thus there are always many commentaries and interpretaions in the devotional book. But, this kills the activeness and creativity of our children and interferes with receiving God’s Word directly. You can skip the part you do not understand well. The Holy Spirit will illuminate the Word to you one day if you come across two, three times. BibleTime helps the children pcik their own verse of the day instead of us picking the verse for them.

Bibletime guideline for youth to read whole book of Bible

Commit a time and place to read BibleTime with the children and make a promise to God. Pray that God will pour out the spirit of wisdom and revelation through your Bible reading life. You prayer is never in vain. Have your child read the Bible out loud and put a sticker after reading the daily portion. Guide him/her to choose a verse he/she was moved by or consider important and write it down. Furthermore, memorize it. And finally, check if your child read through the Bible and understands by asking questions on the quize section.


31 daily stickers for read receipts and 5 weekly stickers for teachers or parents. If you read steadily for a week, your teacher / parents will add an additional crown sticker. The page is about 100 pages. BibleTime does its best to not be thick. Only the core. The group prepares you for a monthly Bible quiz. There is nothing more thrilling and curious about the Bible itself than the Bible Quiz. Children who read the Bible will surely succeed. It must prosper. You will enjoy the joy of serving the Lord and helping others for the rest of your life.

Statistics show that most Christians have never completely read their Bible. Many people start reading but then become overwhelmed by the number of chapters (1,189) and verses (31,102). What is surprising is that it can be accomplished by reading fewer than three chapters a day and spending fewer than 10 minutes!

By dividing the Bible into 12 books and delivering each of them to your home and school every month, your goal of doing daily devotional & reading the Bible in one year can be easily accomplished. It is easy to reach your goal as it is portable and delivered to you every month. You can start it today!

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